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Andrew Cundell
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Hi there

Firstly, please accept my apologies if this is the wrong place to ask for a translation but the internet just isn't helping much and the best people to ask are teachers!! Please read on if you think or would like to help.

I am buying a rather special watch which must have an inscription on the back. The watch is a limited edition for Royal Navy Submariners, which I served in for many years. The inscription is 2 lines and starts with:


This part can not be changed.....

The second line can be 8 characters and I was thinking of either

ex alto.

ab alto.

Would anyone confirm that 'resurgam ex alto' is rise from the sea and 'resurgam ab alto' is rise from the deep?

If anyone has any other input that would be suitable for a submariner, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you in advance

Andy Cundell


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I'd like a translation too if, or guidance to where we can get one if guidance is on offer ?

I'd like "if you can't be good be careful" translated.

I'll chuck £20 to a charity in return [smile]

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